Semenax (Dehydroepiandrosterone)

  • Type of drug: Male enhancement
  • Prescribed for: Penis enlargement

Semenax General Information

Semenax is a male enhancement solution used to stimulate the growth of the tissues in the penis, thus promoting penis enlargement over the course of a few months. Semenax’s main ingredient is DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone). Semenax acts indirectly on various tissues of the body through its metabolites that are androgens and estrogens. On the other hand, it exerts a direct action via a neurosteroid function since it is also produced at the cerebral level and has the capacity to influence the neuronal activity by an effect on certain neuroreceptors (GABAA, NMDA, sigma).

Taking the drug regularly over an extended period of time will help achieve the following results:

  • increase penile size in both length and girdle
  • promote higher energy levels
  • improve sexual performance
  • improve control over ejaculation
  • increase libido
  • restore self-esteem
  • address performance anxiety issues

Having adrenal origin, DHEA has an indirect action on the one hand, after its metabolism in androgens and estrogen, and on the other hand a direct effect via a neurosteroid function. The placebo-controlled studies show a benefit of a DHEA treatment on the quality of life and fatigue of patients suffering from adrenal insufficiency as well as a decrease in the activity of the disease in women with systemic lupus erythematosus. Interesting preliminary results have also been observed in the treatment of depressive states.

Semenax Cautions And Warnings

In addition to the risks associated with the uncontrolled production of Semenax, it is important to be cautious about possible side effects. Although the majority of studies reported only androgenic-type side effects (acne, development of hair growth, etc.), which are generally moderate and reversible when treatment is stopped, none of them lasted more than twelve months. The risks of prolonged administration of Semenax to hormone-dependent tissues, especially breasts or prostate, are unknown.

Because Semenax is the chemical precursor of sex hormones, it is likely that its administration causes an increase in their blood levels. As a result, its use is not recommended for people who suffer from or have suffered cancers that are sensitive to these hormones: ovaries, uterus, breast, testis and prostate, as well as those with a family history of these cancers.

Possible Side Effects

Taking Semenax can be accompanied by side effects such as fatigue, high blood pressure, stomachaches, diabetes, low blood levels of HDL cholesterol (‘good cholesterol) or acne. In women, there is sometimes a hair loss or an increase in hair on the body and face, and a change in the voice becomes more serious.

Drug Interactions

People who take medication for excess cholesterol, erectile dysfunction or mycosis (fungal infections) should avoid using Semenax or, at a minimum, receive close medical attention.

Semenax Food Interactions

Semenax can be taken with or without food without any registered interactions.

Usual Dose

Semenax is only available in one dose. Two capsules should be taken every day over the course of minimum 3 months. To achieve the best results, the course should be extended for 6 months.

Semenax Overdosage

The symptoms of Semenax overdose mimic those of side effects, ranging in severity depending on the amount of DHEA surplus taken. Seek medical help from your doctor or your local poison control center.

Special Information

There is no official control of the quality of the product. There is therefore no guarantee as to the exact Semenax content of a tablet or the absence of contaminants that could make the Semenax preparation dangerous. As a reminder, a few years ago, several dozen deaths were attributed to a contaminant found in preparations of tryptophan, a sleep-producing product that was then sold over-the-counter. The doctor therefore assumes responsibility for his Semenax prescription, which is why the indication for treatment must be justified and acknowledged.

Semenax Use In Special Populations

There is no indication to substitute healthy elderly subjects, or an established benefit of Semenax on bone or cognition. Finally, there are no guarantees as to the quality of the product and its safety in case of administration over a long term.

Semenax is contraindicated in pregnant women, breastfeeding women and children. In all cases, it is essential to take Semenax under medical supervision: the blood levels of sex hormones, cholesterol and sugar should be monitored regularly.