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The most widespread skin diseases are eczema, acne, scabies, mycosis and a number of similar conditions. The approach to pharmacological treatment of these diseases varies depending on the causes of the condition, which are diverse. Discover dermatologic drugs and their characteristics by name.

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Isotretinoin (Accutane)

Type of Drug: Antiacne. Prescribed for: Severe cystic acne that has not responded to other treatment, including medicines applied to the skin and antibiotics.Isotretinoin has been used experimentally to treat a variety of other skin…

EMLA Cream/Patch

Type of Drug: Topical anesthetic. Prescribed for: Prevention of skin pain. EMLA Cream has also been studied for its effects on relieving the pain of intravenous catheter placement, minor plastic and skin surgery, shingles, and injections (such…

Econazole Nitrate

Type of Drug: Antifungal. Prescribed for: Fungal infections of the skin, including athlete's foot, jock itch, and many other common infections.General InformationThis drug is similar to another antifungal agent, Miconazole Nitrate.…