Nedocromil Sodium

Brand Name - Tilade Aerosol

Type of Drug: Antiasthmatic.

Prescribed for: Mild to moderate bronchial asthma.

Nedocromil Sodium General Information

Nedocromil is an anti-inflammatory agent that is inhaled as part of the process of preventing bronchial asthma. It prevents the usual response to certain inhaled substances that can trigger asthma. The drug does not have specific effects of its own that would treat or prevent asthma; it strictly works to limit the body’s response. Very little of this drug is absorbed into the blood after it has been inhaled into your lungs. Clinical studies have shown that Nedocromil improves asthma symptoms and lung function when used with an inhaled bronchodilator as needed.

Cautions and Warnings

Nedocromil should never be used to treat an acute asthma attack, it can be used only to prevent or reduce the number of asthma attacks and their intensity.

Do not use this product if you are allergic to Nedocromil or any of the ingredients in the aerosol.

People taking corticosteroids, either inhaled or by mouth, may still need that medicine after starting on Nedocromil, though the daily corticosteroid dose will likely be reduced.

Cough or bronchial spasm may occasionally occur after the inhalation of a Nedocromil dose, if this happens, stop the drug and talk to your doctor about using a different medicine.

Nedocromil Sodium Possible Side Effects

This drug is generally very well tolerated.

  • Most common: coughing, sore throat, runny nose, upper respiratory infection, bronchospasm, nausea, headache, chest pain, and unpleasant taste.
  • Less common: increased sputum production, distressed breathing, bronchitis, vomiting, upset stomach, diarrhea, abdominal pains, dry mouth, dizziness, hearing disturbances, fatigue, and viral infections.
  • Rare: rash, arthritis, tremors, a feeling of warmth, and liver inflammation.

Drug Interactions

None known.

Food Interactions

Make sure you have nothing in your mouth when you inhale Nedocromil.

Usual Dose

Adult and Child (age 12 and over): 2 puffs, 3 or 4 times per day. Each puff provides 1 ¾ mg of Nedocromil.


There is little potential for serious effects from an overdose of this medicine. Call your local poison control center or hospital emergency room for more information.

Nedocromil Sodium Special Information

Nedocromil is taken to prevent or minimize severe asthma attacks. It is imperative that you take this medicine on a regular basis to maintain the protection it provides. Follow the directions in the how-to-use-this-product leaflet that comes with the aerosol. Store the drug at room temperature.

Call your doctor if you develop wheezing, coughing, or an allergic drug reaction. Other side effects should be reported if they are severe or bothersome. Report any symptoms that do not improve or get worse while you are taking this drug.

The effectiveness of this drug depends on taking it regularly. If you forget a dose of Nedocromil, take it as soon as you remember, and space the remaining doses equally throughout the rest of the day. Do not take a double dose of this drug. Call your doctor if symptoms of your condition return because you have skipped too many doses.

Special Populations

There are no reports of birth defects with Nedocromil. However, pregnant women should not use this medicine unless its advantages have been carefully weighed against possible dangers.
It is not known if Nedocromil passes into breast milk. No drug-related problems have been known to occur, but nursing mothers who use Nedocromil should be cautious.

No special problems have been reported.